Paint Your Own Item #2 – Hummingbird

  • 7.5″ d x 6.5″ h
  • 6 LBS

Our paint your own pots are a perfect project for any skill level! Choose your favorite colors of Acrylic paint and a small poly bristle brush. When painting have a jar of water for brushes and a lightly damp rag ready.

Unglazed stoneware is very porous so don’t make your paint too wet, the paint should flow easily onto the surface. Allow your piece to dry for one day before doing a stained aged finish.

To create an aged finish like our other products, use a dark green or gray Acrylic paint and add water to create a stain. With a larger paintbrush, paint over the top of your colored design. With the damp rag wipe off immediately, leaving the stain paint in the details of the carved design. Work quickly all over the pot with the damp rag, rinsing it out frequently. This will create the “aged garden” look. Allow it to dry for a few days to properly let the paint set before you plant your beautiful new pot.