(Part two of a two-part series)

Why not? Burley Clay pottery is American made. It is made in Ohio. It is handmade by talented artisans whose skills have been passed from generation to generation. Generations of families that have been born and raised in Eastern Ohio.

Burley Clay Products Are Handmade

Eastern Ohio’s uniquely rich natural resources – clay, sand, and iron – once made Muskingum County part of the “Pottery Capital of the World.”  Between 1810 and 1967, hundreds of potteries called Ohio home. Beginning in 1923, so did the Burley Clay Products Company. Over the years, potteries thrived by supplying farmers with affordable stoneware crocks and jugs.

Burley Clay Products utilize several different production methods to produce our stoneware. From high-tech hydraulic and ram presses to the craftsmanship required in jiggering and casting. We carefully clean and mix our clay blends at a perfect consistency specific to each production method. Certain production methods require a thicker, more solid clay, while others demand a thinner, more liquid clay. Our production methods differ significantly but we share an emphasis on quality, efficiency, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

One of the methods we employ is the rarely used art of jiggering. Jiggering, considered to be a handmade process, is centuries old, and is like using a pottery wheel. It is a mechanical adaptation used when duplicating several like items. We use the jiggering process to produce our birdbaths, pedestals, and garden planters. The expertly trained jiggerman places a plaster mold inside a large steel drum, adds a predetermined amount of clay inside the mold, and spins the steel drum. As the clay begins to dry, the plaster mold draws the water away from the clay, releasing the clay from the mold. The ware is then removed from the mold and the rough edges are trimmed.

Jiggering is an acquired skill requiring years of apprenticeship. This skill is usually passed down through family members who have worked in potteries for generations. Our products are hand-decorated by skilled artisans, making each unique, and creating pottery that is in great demand.

That’s why Burley Clay Pots!


Burley Clay Products is proud to offer beautiful, American-made products. Currently our products are sold in lawn and garden stores, nurseries, specialty birding stores, and hardware stores across the United States and Canada. We also offer our products through our online store, Burley Pottery Online at burleyclaystore.com or our walk-in store, Burley Clay Pottery Store located at 455 Gordon Street Roseville, Ohio. Call us 740-697-0221.